VC nba 2k17 locker codes fresh

Please call the Georgia AAU Boys’ Basketball Office contact persons during business hours ONLY. Business hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm/EST.

Deciding between Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook for the backcourt spot opposite Curry was nearly as difficult. The Thunder’s point guard somehow improved upon his banner 2014-15, making further strides as a playmaker while continuing to stuff the stat sheet like no one else can. NBA 2k17 locker codes gen¬†¬†improved shot selection is marred by a longstanding and crippling addiction to launching mostly hopeless triples, though, and his consistent lack of discipline defensively is the league’s biggest elephant in the room.

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It’s absolutely amazing, though, how well 2K has perfected the atmosphere for a set of games that at the max come out to be five; the mascots look absolutely amazing, marching bands play their trademark music (I was disappointed to not hear a marching band version of the national anthem, however), and the crowds come alive even if the often-legendary signs that college students make are nowhere to be seen.

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